Students Occupy Part Of Dublin University To Oppose Repeat Fees

Students Occupy Part Of Dublin University To Oppose Repeat Fees

Last week's announcement that Trinity were set to introduce a flat fee of €450 for any student who needed to repeat an exam was received poorly. It was received very poorly indeed. To fully understand just how angry it was made the students of Trinity I would like you to come with me on something of a thought experiment. Imagine, if you will, the entire student body of Trinity College Dublin as a nest of very angry, and often financially struggling, bees. Now, I would also like you to summon the idea, if you can, that the senior College Board - responsible for the decision - are the bee-keeper, whose charge it is to look after these same bees. Finally, if you may be so kind, envisage the decision - to charge each of these bees a flat €450, regardless of circumstance - as a stream of hot, fiery piss that the bee-keeper has unleashed upon all of the bees. The bees are covered in piss and they are livid.

Since the decision, students in Trinity have organised numerous protests to voice their opposition to the introduction of the fees. Last week, students began an extensive online campaign of trolling the college by leaving 1-star reviews on the university's official Facebook and Google pages, before taking things from the online world into the world of meat and chairs ie. the real world, by blocking off entrances to the campus on Friday.

Today, a group of students have taken over the Dining Hall, a building situated in the front square of the college. According to Trinity's university newspapers there are around 40-50 students currently occupying the building and it is unclear how long they are planning to remain there.


It is greatly encouraging to see just how far many students are willing to go to fight against a perceived injustice.

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Rory McNab

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