Teresa Mannion Has Made Her First Report On Ophelia!

Teresa Mannion Has Made Her First Report On Ophelia!

Yesterday I wrote a piss-take piece about the idea that RTÉ would send Teresa Mannion out into ex-Hurricane Ophelia to continuously report on its developments. Surely RTÉ, despite their caprice, would not send Teresa back out into the heart of a storm after the trauma she no doubt endured reporting on Storm Desmond all those years ago? Surely she has served her time reporting on storms? Surely they will let her remain indoors for Ophelia, her duty done, her time served?

Obviously not. In what world was that going to happen? No sooner is there the merest sign of a bit of drizzle and a gust than RTÉ have sent Ms. Mannion out to investigate in the hope of another viral video being spawned.

Well RTÉ have once more sent Teresa Mannion to her old haunt at Salthill in Galway to cover Ophelia and her first report is in!


Admittedly it is far less dramatic than her infamous Storm Desmond video, but fear not. It is still early days for Ophelia. Conditions will dramatically worsen throughout the day and I'd say RTÉ are counting down the clock til things are suitably The Day After Tomorrow up there to cut to a live report from Teresa gripping for dear life to a lamp-post while screaming something about remaining indoors.

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Rory McNab

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