The Student Housing Crisis Is Set To Get Worse According To The HSA

The Student Housing Crisis Is Set To Get Worse According To The HSA

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of the serious student housing crisis in Dublin at the moment. Well, a recent report published by the Higher Education Authority has revealed that the growth of students attending higher level education is set rise even further.

The expected increase in nippers attending Higher Education is expected to increase from approximately 168,000 in 2014 to nearly 193,000 in 2024, according to As we all know, there is a lack of student accommodation in Dublin already, and over 40 percent of all students in Ireland attend college in Dublin.

What makes this whole point so important is that only four student accommodation residences are actually on site with building, which isn't near enough for the high demand. The Minister for Housing Simon Coveney, has stated that 'we should consider creating a dramatic increase in the on-campus and near-to-campus student accommodation. The solutions to student accommodation lie in rapid-build technologies, modular units and so on.'

Will there be anything done to cope with the growing amount of students in such a short time period? All we can do is hope.



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