Top 10 Towns With Lowest Driving Test Pass Rates For 2018 Revealed

Top 10 Towns With Lowest Driving Test Pass Rates For 2018 Revealed

The RSA has released statistics from 2018 showing the pass rates for the various driving test centres around the country.

Released under the Freedom of Information Act upon request by, they show a spread of the best and worst test centres for passing your driving test throughout Ireland. Though it is important to emphasise that, given it's a standardised test, the discrepancies in pass rates are down to multiple factors rather than any particular bias in one test centre as opposed to another.

However, if you are looking to sit your driving test any time soon then it might be best to avoid any of these centres, as they are have the lowest pass rates in the country.

10) Shannon, Clare - 47.4%

9) Letterkenny, Donegal - 47.21%

8) Dundalk, Louth - 46.01%

7) Athlone, Westmeath - 45.02%


6) Churchtown, Dublin - 42.87%

5) Clonmel, Tipperary - 41.6%

4) Finglas, Dublin - 40.17%

3) Raheny, Dublin - 38.25%

2) Kilkenny, Kilkenny - 37.92%

1) Kilrush, Clare - 34.94%

We have absolutely no idea what is going on in Kilrush to result in such a mentally low pass rate for the test centre, but all we can say is avoid it, avoid it for the love of god.

On the other hand, the driving test centre with the highest pass rate was revealed to be Clifden in Galway, which had a success rate of 77.31%. So if you're looking to try pass your driving test, at least statistically, you stand a better chance taking it in Clifden.


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