Trinity Students Demand Luas Works To Stop 'Cause They Can't Sleep Or Study

Trinity Students Demand Luas Works To Stop 'Cause They Can't Sleep Or Study

There's nothing worse than when you're in ~the zone~ and someone disrupts you. Replace someone with a road full of construction workers with jackhammers and it's a huge headache. That's how Trinity College students feel about the Luas works right outside their door, and now they're asking for it to stop during exams.

According to the Irish Times, students who live in campus accommodation, right near the new cross-city Luas station works, have said the noise is making it impossible to sleep or study.

The head of the students' union, Kieran McNulty, said they are moving students to guest rooms or hostels because it has gotten that bad at night. Mr McNulty said he has even asked the contractor and the Luas management to stop their works for the summer exam period in May, and everyone had a meeting last Friday to discuss the issue.

A spokeswoman for the Luas cross-city project basically said LOL, no. “The work has to be done. We are very cognisant, very aware of student’s concerns. We are trying to ensure we minimise the impacts of the works”. Which is pretty much code for tough shit, we ain't stopping.

“The work has to be done – we are entering a critical part of the works. This has to be completed to allow the electrical work to start on the overhead wires and the track,” the Luas spokeswoman said.


One student who lives in the Botany Bay rooms, Nora Fisher, told the newspaper,“Some nights it goes on past 3 am in the morning. There’s dust, noise, it’s very disruptive.”

Even if you aren't a student at Trinity, you'll know how disruptive the Luas works are generally, as they wrap around the entire college precinct i.e. everywhere in the city. December really can't come soon enough 'cause honestly, it's been 4 years of hell.

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