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Here Are 6 Websites Where You Can Find 'Sold Out' Tickets To Shows And Gigs

Here Are 6 Websites Where You Can Find 'Sold Out' Tickets To Shows And Gigs

The website crashes, you lose your place in the queue and even though you try everything you can't get your hands on those golden tickets. The feeling of disappointment is crushing when you lose out on a place to see your favourite act or performer. Unfortunately, we live in a world were touting is a massive problem and people buy plenty of tickets to resell them. If you need tickets to a gig after it sells out these websites are some of your best options:

The point of Toutless is to get someone with a ticket in touch with someone who wants a ticket. You can sell your ticket or ask to purchase tickets on the site. Once you've established contact with someone the details of how to exchange money and the tickets are left up to you to arrange. Toutless advice is to arrange a meeting in a safe public place.

Perhaps the safest option, Seatwave offers the buyer a virtual ticket that has to be sold through the website and not person to person. The price can vary from ticket to ticket.




The same as Seatwave, Stubhub uses electronic tickets that can only be sold from the seller who purchases from Stubhub.


Ticket swap

Buyers receive their tickets immediately after paying online. Sellers get their money the next working day. In addition, you can see who you buy from because Facebook login is mandatory. Through partnerships with organizations, TicketSwap provides Secure Swap tickets which are 100% valid. They cannot charge you more than twice what the seller paid for the ticket.




Never buy from an eBay seller who shows the barcode of a ticket on their seller account. If you're interested in buying the tickets you'll have to pay the requested price set by the seller or bid.



Immediately after the tickets have sold out check hashtags on twitter for people selling tickets. If you cannot get to tickets on the day of sale wait until the day of the concert and check Twitter again. If you're lucky you'll find someone selling their tickets last minute.



If you're stuck for tickets, as the last resort you can go to the venue - make sure you're early - and try and buy tickets outside the gig from ticket sellers.


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