Breaking News: Students Shut Down Trinity College Dublin

Breaking News: Students Shut Down Trinity College Dublin

Trinity students are saying enough is enough after the college introduced a €450 flat fee for students to repeat an exam.

After the decision was announced, the Student Union and students organised meetings to voice their opposition. In the last number of days, students have been reviewing the college on Facebook and Google and brilliantly leaving low star reviews. Hundreds of students have, over the last day or so taken to leaving 1-star reviews on the college's Facebook page, in a concerted attempt to lower its average review.

Today the students took their protest took the next level and blocked several entrances on the college, effectively shutting down the campus. On Twitter the students can be seen campaigning outside the front arch with a giant sign that reads "Trinity College Doesn't Listen: 80% voted no":

As well as restricting entry into the college, students are blocking entry into the Book Of Kells which has been closed for two hours because of the protests:


As well as current students, former students have been speaking out against the introduction of the fee including Senator Lynn Ruanne, a former TCDSU President:

students have had to bear the financial burden of college austerity for years through increased college fees, without even mentioning the pressures of the housing crisis and the rising cost of living

To tweet your support use the hashtag #TakeBackTrinity and #NoToSupplementalFees. Trinity College Dublin has yet to comment.

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