UCC Students Warned J1 Could Be Denied Due To Bad RAG Week Behaviour

UCC Students Warned J1 Could Be Denied Due To Bad RAG Week Behaviour

UCC students have been warned of the legal repercussions around the antics of RAG week which starts next Monday 13 February.

Raising And Giving week (RAG) raised more than €16,000 for various charities last year and is a staple in every student calendar, not just for the charity aspect but also for the drinking one. This year's chosen charities are the Sexual Violence Centre, Autism Assistance Dogs, Bumbleance, and CUH Children’s Appeal.

As a result of this, UCC Student Union as well as Student Community Support (SCS) team, have tried to work with local residents to maintain a good relationship ahead of the charity week. UCC’s acting head of student experience, Michael Byrne has asked students to respect their neighbours and basically not to act the maggot;

'In particular, please note the expectations the university has in relation to high standards of conduct. This includes not bringing the university into disrepute and respecting local residents and members of the public.'

One of the most stressing points made was that if students get arrested for anti-social behaviour it could prevent them from heading on J1s in the future, as you aren't allowed to travel to the US with any sort of criminal record. There will also be CCTV around campus monitoring all students.

It looks like it might be better to stick to the fundraising and give the partying a little step back.



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Ciara Finnegan

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