5 Things You Simply Must Do This Halloween

Halloween only comes around once a year folks so why not make the most of it? Here's a list of things you can do to make your Halloween the best it can possibly be!

1. Scare yourself silly with Damnation at the RDS.

Samuel Page’s story recalls the mysterious disappearance of the Dublin blacksmith in the 1800s. He lived a normal family life during the day with his wife, Sarah, and their two daughters, Becka and Hannah. However, by night the Page family ran a satanic cult from their basement and when their evil practices were unveiled, their house was burned to the ground by locals! The bodies of Samuel’s wife and two daughters were found, but after weeks of searching for his body, the authorities failed to recover any remains. Page’s spirit is rumoured to have appeared before residents of Dublin City over the past couple of centuries in different forms but always cloaked with his face hidden by a terrifying woven mask. The cult he established is even said to live on in secret today.

To fully grasp the terror Samuel’s tale, you can visit Samuel Page’s Nightmare this October in the RDS in Ballsbridge! The guys at Damnation have given the venue a spectacular makeover for October to provide thrill-seekers and horror fans with the chance to delve deep into Samuel Page’s Nightmare, offering an unmatched experience and fright-night you won’t get anywhere else. The story of Samuel’s wicked ways bursts into life with actors, professionally designed sets, costumes and terrifying scenes! Be warned, it is not for the faint hearted!

You can purchase tickets here for as little as €17


2. Make your own unique Halloween costume.

Halloween is a holiday which affords everyone the opportunity to showcase their creative side and let their imaginative side flow, so take advantage of this special, spooky holiday and make your costume count! You'll get far more props for something that you personally put together rather than something you spent 40 quid on at your local costume shop. Get out that scissors, glue, your coloured markers and white bedsheet and see what you can come up with!

3. Indulge in the festive treats.

If there's one holiday where you're allowed, no encouraged, to get hopped up on sugar, it's Halloween! Some of the best types of treats, snacks and candy come around on October 31st - toffee apples, monkey nuts, fizzy fangs, jelly brains, barmbrack and the rest! Halloween lands on a Friday this year so don't worry; you've got all weekend to come down from that epic sugar rush!


4. Host a party with special Halloween-themed games.

Plan a Halloween party, decked out with costumes, games, snacks, treats and the rest! Hold a costume party and give a prize for the best costume at the end of the night, play the blindfolded apple bob, see who finds the ring in the barmbrack, and put on some of your favourite horror movies in a scary film marathon. Host a pumpkin carving contest and see who creates the best one - not as easy as it looks!

5. Furnish your house with some festive decor.

Root out your Halloween decorations and make your home as spooky and fun as can be. Spray spider cobwebs, hanging window skeletons and vampires, bats clinging to the ceiling, and pop-up or light-up quirky prank props add an unmatched authenticity to your home. Just make sure to warn any faint-hearted people who may be visiting your home that there may be a few surprises in store, although I would take them down if your grandparents are coming to stay!

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