The Month Of Scare: 5 Horror Stories That Will Keep You Lying Awake Tonight

Are you a horror buff who thrives off nail-biting thrillers and gets turned on by mysteries? These terrifying horror stories will leave you lying in bed awake at night! Don't blame us, we warned you!

The Disappearance Of Samuel Page.

This Irish character has a scary and devilish tale behind his name and Damnation have installed a fully interactive walkthrough story in the RDS, revolving around the disappearance Samuel Page. A Dublin blacksmith in the 1800s, Page lived a normal family life during the day with his wife, Sarah, and their two daughters, Becka and Hannah. However, by night the Page family ran a satanic cult from their basement and when their evil practices were unveiled, their house was burned to the ground by locals! The bodies of Samuel’s wife and two daughters were found, but after weeks of searching for his body, his was never recovered. This October you will be given the opportunity to explore Page’s dark underworld for yourself, as his story is brought to life by a team of professional actors. Terrifying acts will be revealed as they will illustrate Page’s dark arts, which included everything from voodoo, to elements of the occult, the supernatural and beyond! Be warned, it is not for the faint hearted!

You can purchase tickets to the interactive scare experience at the RDS here and find out more about Samuel Page and Damnation by visiting or the Damnation Facebook page .



The Sleepwalking Suicide.

Soon after 18-year-old Carissa Glenn moved into her new Cornwall flat, she began sensing a presence. She had the feeling that someone or something was there when she was alone at night, and she often brought it up with family and friends over the month that she lived in the flat. She had heard a rumour that the previous tenant in the flat had hanged himself. Her friends said that she would have extraordinarily vivid nightmares about hanging, in addition to the feelings of being haunted. They were concerned, as Carissa had a history of sleepwalking, and of acting out her dreams.  Later, Carissa had gone out for drinks with friends one evening, went home, and hung herself with a scarf. Her friends agree she’d been happy except for one thing - she often didn’t want to go back to her flat at night because of the presence and the dreams. Who knows what happened to the flat after that? I certainly wouldn't want to be the tenant moving in after that! Spooky!

The Headless Horseman.

The legend of the Headless Horseman has appeared several times throughout history in American literature. The Horseman was supposedly a Hessian soldier during the American Revolutionary War. During the war, the Horseman was one of 548 Hessians killed in a battle for Chatterton Hill, wherein his head was severed by a cannonball. He was buried in a graveyard and thereafter he appears as a ghost, who presents a dangerous threat to night travellers in the town of Sleepy Hollow where he was buried. He carries his own head on his person or that of his horse and uses it as a weapon, though he also carries a sword. Some people have even reported seeing the Headlesss Horseman over the centuries, but it is not known whether these sightings are of fact or fiction. But still, bone trembling.


The Entity.

The Entity is a horror story about a woman who was attacked in her bed by an invisible being, based on events that befell Doris Bither of Culver City, California in the early ’70s. According to the paranormal investigators who looked into her case (Doris begged them for help after overhearing their conversation in a bookstore), she was a complete mess: alcoholic, constantly drunk, abused by her parents, and abusive toward her own sons. She would also periodically be physically assaulted by three entities nobody could see, and to the investigators there was little disputing their authenticity—a room full of them saw it with their own eyes. As Doris began cursing at and otherwise provoking whatever the entities were, lights appeared around the room, followed by a swirling green mist in the corner, in which the shape of a man’s upper body appeared. Just the shape, no facial features; just a disembodied torso in the swirling green mist, and that’s when one of the investigators fainted. Doris and her troubled family haven’t been heard from since the 1980s.

The Enfield Horror.

In Enfield, Illinois in the 1970s, a little boy called Greg Garrett was playing in his backyard when he was attacked. Not by a person, or any animal anyone had ever seen before . To this day nobody knows what it was, but it tore his shoes to pieces and left him in tears. Minutes later, local resident Henry McDaniel opened his front door after hearing a heavy scratch, and got a good look at what would would come to be known as the Enfield Horror. Greg and Henry’s descriptions were exactly the same: The Horror was short, around 5 feet tall, and had three legs. Yes, three. It also had short, stubby arms ending in claws that seemed to be placed in the center of its body rather than at its sides. It was hairy, yet slimy, and had reddish-pink eyes the size of flashlights. Minutes earlier, Henry’s children had insisted that a monster tried to break into the house while he and his wife had been out to dinner. He’d laughed it off at first, but upon seeing this thing on his porch, Henry slammed the door and went directly for his gun. Henry ripped open the door and fired four shots. He was sure he hit it on the first, and he said the thing “hissed like a wildcat” before bounding away. He immediately called the police, and over the next few days, several more sightings were reported by searchers, sheriff’s deputies, even a radio station news director and his crew. And then it was gone. Whatever it was, it hasn’t been seen since.

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