10 Lazy Ways To Use Your Extra Phone Data (And Still Have Fun)

"What's your wifi password?" may as well be our national anthem. Am I right? Well, not anymore you scrounging Sally's, because when you sign up to iD prepay, you can avail of their whopping 30GB data allowance.  How?  By just topping up by 15 quid a month is all. So it's a big fat goodbye to using your friends (yeah, I know the score) and a big HELLO to be a savvy adult (kinda). G'wan, get excited and have a look through our 'ten things you can do with all 'dat data doe' and feel inspired....

1) Netflix binges.


As if you needed an excuse to binge watch yet another series you'll forget tomorrow ,now you can lie horizontally all day watching OITNB without dragging your laptop and modem out on the bus, cause apparently that's kinda weird- really?

2) Go for a creep on Tinder.



Whether you're a major Tinder horn dog or you're just going for a casual, commitment-free creep, swipe left to your heart's content whenever you please. There's nothing stopping you now, you big creep (apart from the lack of eye candy in your available area, most likely).

3) Pokemon- yeah, we had to go there.


When you're done with swiping left on the manky monsters of Tinder, you can go catch the real ones playing Pokemon. All of you Ash Ketchum's out there will know that obsessively chasing those imaginary characters, completely melts your data, so with this new 'Poke Plan' you can go catch em all! Soz not soz.

4) Be an Insta-sham on Instagram.



It would be TRAGIC if you didn't get to Instagram that perfect face of makeup or the eggs you ate for breakfast, wouldn't it? I mean, if you didn't post it then did you even have breakfast really? Thanks iD, my fans couldn't really do without me today.

5) Snapchat errrrythang.


You know you're bored when you watch Kylie Jenner's plastic populated Snapchat story. That said, you do you, so if the mood takes you then go ahead and watch all 200 seconds of her large lip syncing to rap songs, showing us her general outrageously lavish daily lifestyle and not forgetting her fleet of luxurious cars that she probably can't drive anyway. Me? Bitter? Never.


6) The sweet sounds of Spotify.


Aaah the backing soundtrack to your tragic life. Stream 4 hours of Rihanna while you werk werk werk werk and ensure that everyone around you hates your existence, cause I sure do.

7) Whatsapp is always key.


Ring your fave BFF who selfishly left you to live the life in America. Not cool mate.Still,  you’ve got all that data to use so plague her with calls, drunken voice notes, ugly selfies or whatever other torturous devices you want to inflict on her. True love. <3


8) Be all tweety on Twitter.


Whether it's to get in on the latest explosive bitchin' spat between E-list celebrities or to keep sketch on the latest Kanye 'I am God' tweets, scroll to your hearts content and instantly feel like less of a sap about your own life. #truth

9) For when you're all WIFI-less and afraid.



For those of you who are stuck in an area in some far away land such as Cavan or somewhere where technology rarely goes- never fear! Just hook up that sweet hotspot to your laptop and work away feeling at one with the world again. Ommmmmm.

10) Finally, keep your Facebook fresh.


Last but not least, stalk the hell out of, well everyone really, people you fancy, your idiot ex- WHOEVER. Don't forget that you need to keep up appearances though and show everyone your fantastic life with check-ins, pictures and general alternativeness. Show off? Me? Never!

For more information on iD and their amazing data offers, click here - http://www.idmobile.ie/prepay. Terms and conditions apply


Michelle Murphy

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