6 Looks Every Lad Needs To Rock This Summer

It's that time of year again, where you gotta pretend like we're about to get good weather for the next few months and ditch the woollen scarves and duffle coats. Sometimes it isn't about throwing out your entire wardrobe though. In most cases, it's all about grabbing those staple pieces, and luckily for you, we've got you covered.

1. Suede Jackets

You could be fooled into thinking that suede is a material only for the John Wayne's of this world. But minus the fringe from these jackets and you're a lot less Wild Wild West and a lot more Summer. These chic and effortless jackets, make the plainest tee and jeans look slick.


2. Distressed Denim

A good pair of pants says a lot about a guy, especially when it comes to denim. Avoid a very baggy, shapeless look. We want you to look like you've walked out of a chic new coffee shop- not Coppers. A good distressed pair of jeans will do the trick. These can have different elements of dye, to full on rips and pair beautifully with a baggy top.


3. The Low Fade/ High Volume Cut

Not only is this cut perfect for the 'effortless' look, but it also leaves a lot of room for styling too. Whether worn with the hair styled in a messy quiff, or pushed to the side, the volume against the fade makes any lad look sharp. Finding a barber who can cut and style your hair this slick can be hard to come by, but we would highly recommend HIM Barber Shop. You can check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat (@himbarbershop).

At the moment they're also currently hiring, so if you think you've got the skills, and can prove it, pop down to HIM on Mobhi Road, the top of Griffith Avenue.


4. Green

From khaki, to full on lime, green is the colour for this Summer. Whether you rock it as a patterned shirt, or in a block colour on knee-skimming shorts, green is going to give you the fresh hit of colour you want.

5. A Pocket Square

The pocket square is a making a huge comeback. This classic and very suave clothing accessory is a must have for any man on the fashion scene. Most guys would tend to steer clear of pocket squares as they find the folding process a little bit too intimidating. But there are plenty of videos out there to help you out. You don't just have to go for something plain and boring either- Mr. Jenks has got you covered when it comes to prints and patterns for this Summer. Throw on a blazer and pocket square over your tailored shorts, and you can transform any look from day to night.

6. Baseball Cap

A controversial accessory to many, the baseball cap has come back into fashion in full swing (no pun intended). To really make this work, you're best throwing the snapback to the back of your mind and going for more luxurious materials, such as tweed and leather for a more modern vibe.

Orla McConnon

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