Breaking News! Brand New Student Accommodation Opening In Dublin

Well, well, well, we have some brilliant news for all you homeless students out there, our good friends over in the Student Housing Company are coming to Dublin city centre! They provide award winning accommodation to thousands of students across the UK and have some serious plans ahead for Ireland.

The Student Housing Company want to change the way accommodation is provided for students, raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication. They want students to find renting a room incredibly easy and for them to feel safe, comfortable and looked after.

5 things seperate the Student Housing Company from any other student accomodation out there;
  1. If Things break or go wrong, they'll fix them quickly and cheerfully.
  2. They'll activly seek student involvement in the company through placements.
  3. The people chosen to work in your building have been hired for their friendliness, integrity and willingnus to g that bit further.
  4. They will be upfront about all the costs included in renting with them.
  5. They will read and consider all your suggestions on how to improve their service.
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Michael Breen

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