Fancy Winning Some Booze For You & Your Mates?

Dry January you say? Sorry, but I couldn't possibly think of anything worse to be quite honest. January for most is about green juicing and faux resolutions to finally quit smoking and stop trolling and worst of all, fanatically buying enough Lycra to clad the entire cast of Flashdance in a revival BUT, that's for actual adulting adults (aka, not something that us students of the not so real world, need to worry about).


So with that in mind, my studious little friends, we're giving you the chance to win a Christmas (sorry to mention the C word) worthy amount of booze, just to ease those January blues. Why so, you might ask? Am, because we're quite simply just lovely, that's why. Oh and instead of giving us your life story and first born child, just throw us over a few short details and you'll be in it to win it.


Oh, and if the incentive of some glorious booze isn't enough to get you tip typing your name, then the chance to be the first in line to live in the hottest, newest and let's face it, most fun student accommodation around, should be more than enough. The Student Housing Company are coming to Dublin and it's looking a little something like gaining entry to the chocolate factory with a golden ticket. Not sure what I mean? Well, think along the lines of fresh, top of the range apartments with super fast broadband, en suite bedrooms, state of the art facilities, super convenient locations and much, much more. Have a look below and just ponder what your lavish life really could be....


Click HERE to be in with a chance to win and start stocking up on ice now (we're the optimistic sort).


For more information about The Student Housing Company, see their website. Terms and conditions apply. 

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