Christmas is so close I can almost smell it. The scent of hot chocolate is wafting down main streets up and down the country. The air of frantic 'what the hell does my girlfriend even like/ want/ actually want' is clinging to men of every age. The lights are a twinkling and most importantly of all, the pubs are stocking themselves up for the imminent flurry of 12 pubs and terrible renditions of Mariah Carey songs. Christmas is really a time to kick back, to throw off the usual shackles of formality and conformity and to enjoy yourself. Glitter, loud Christmas jumpers, lights, baubles, feathers, madness. For those of you who want to really push the boat out and who want to try something new, exciting and fresh this Christmas, then why not head over to your nearest Best Menswear and pick yourself up one of these oh so festive suits? Oh and just in case you're not convinced yet, here are five more reasons to get suited and booted!


Reason 1) They can take you straight from the office to the party.

Yes, you may get a few strange looks wandering around the office dressed like Santa's very sharp little helper, but ignore the Grinches and the neigh sayers and rock that slim fitted suit, you hear?


Reason 2) You'll get to show off that fine physique of yours. 

Sure, you've been working out and want the world and its Ma to know it, so why waste time hiding your buff ass bod under yet another snowman embroidered lumpy jumper? Get suited ASAP pal.



Reason 3) You'll stand out from the crowd.

Whether it's for some casual family outings over the festive period (they may temporarily disown you, but that's ok) or a night out with the lads, nobody wants to fade into the background and with the help of these suits, you'll stand out like a sore but very well dressed thumb.

Reason 4) It's a great conversation starter.

"Hello, nice black shirt you've got there", said nobody ever. If you want to spark some festive chatter, then donning a bright suit covered in Christmas prints is probably the way forward. Plus, the ladies love something a little different, right?


Reason 5) Because it's Christmas.

And if ever there was a time for mixing things up and sporting something a little more outrageous, then it has to be during the most festive of all holidays. Ho ho ho everyone!

Get your own Oppo Suit from any Best Menswear, in any of their 11 stores nationwide. For more information, see the Facebook page or website.


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