It's Time To Get Involved And Show Us Your #FuegoFace

I'd like to start this off by offering my sincerest love and thanks to Barcardi. It was just your average, typical day in grey Dublin and then BAM; a case of their shiniest new produce arrived at our front door, just tempting, daring, taunting us. And so, of course, we just had to give in. We're all familiar with Barcardi, but this rum is new. Fuego means fire (yes, you can thank me for the language skillstoo) and downing a shot of this most definitely started a fire in our bellies. Scrap your traditional idea of a rum. This is rum with a short, sharp kick. This is rum amplified. Just to prove it, Bacardi made a video compiled of people's reactions to a shot of the good stuff, following this, audiences started uploading their very own “hot shot” under #MyFuegoFace.

BACARDÍ has since responded via its social channels, announcing a hunt for the best #MyFuegoFace. The 20 most interesting faces will win Fuego Packs consisting of a bottle of BACARDÍ Carta Fuego, shot glasses and a shot tray.

Here's how attractive the College Times staff looked when they took their first shot...


To enter, simply take a photo of your Fuego Face and post your photo on Twitter or Instagram, tagging it with #MyFuegoFace. BACARDÍ will be reviewing all entries and will be in touch to confirm the winners. Click here for the Terms and Conditions.

Get involved!

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