18 Perfect Places To Travel With Your BFF

18 Perfect Places To Travel With Your BFF

There's no denying that you and your best friend are the types to go hard or go home, and it's always going hard. So why would you want to go on holidays without anyone but your best friend? We've scoured the globe (via the internet, of course) to find the perfect places you should definitely check out with the only person you really need in your life: your best friend.

1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hit the pavement in the NYC of Canada's east coast and get some serious retail therapy in.


2. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands


Sun, sand and hot weather are all you two need to have the vacay of a lifetime.


3. Tuscany, Italy

Wine tasting with your best friend is like nothing else in this world, so why not do it in the place it's born and bred?



4. Bermuda

Beach vacays are the only way to sun yourselves and wingwoman for each other.


5. The Bahamas


Another great beach getaway, you'll never regret this one.


6. Paris, France

What better place to drink some champagne and eat a baguette? Plus, you can wear adorable berets together. Win win.



7. Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The best place to go if you two are music lovers, it's the birthplace of country and all things music! Check out the Grand Ole Opry while you're there.


8. Cinque Terre, Italy


Literally the most gorgeous place you'll ever lay eyes on.


9. Barcelona, Spain

Stroll through parks and see amazing sites in a city that is truly picturesque.



10. Budapest, Hungary

Get a taste of the east with a trip to Budapest, where you and your bestie can enjoy cheap drinks and lots of fun.


11. Prague, Czech Republic


Honestly go for the donut ice cream cones. Really, it's a thing.


12. Stockholm, Sweden

Bundle up in your best jumpers and head to Stockholm where you can enjoy some of those sweet Scandinavian men together.


13. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Head to the city that literally never sleeps for some gambling, drinking, and high-life living.


14. Cappadocia, Turkey


The only thing that should convince you to go: fairy chimneys.


15. Lisbon, Portugal

Essentially Spain but a lot less crowded, get here for a nice little quiet getaway.



16. Vienna, Austria

You'll think you've died and gone to heaven when you see the sights here.


17. New York City, New York, USA


Two words: Shopping. Spree.


18. Athens, Greece

Find your Grecian love with these amazing beaches and even better sights.



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