13 Incredible Travel Destinations You Can Only Dream Of Visiting

One of the best things to do on a night in with your friends is look up outrageously expensive and amazing travel destinations that you'll all go to when you've got the time and money...Well, the likelihood of that actually happening is slim, but you can dream, right? Here's our fave places to look at and dream of going when we're eating instant noodles for the third day in a row and crying about being poor.

1. Bora Bora


On almost every perfect travel destinations list, Bora Bora is the first place to visit with all that cash you'll be toting. You'll probably see one of your new celeb BFFs there, since it's a hot destination for them, too.


Fancy a stay? Most places are only charging 700 a night, meals included!


2. The Maldives


A grand visit to South Asia, the Maldives are perfect for you and your mates to relax and take a weekend or two away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.


Fancy a stay? Villas start from €1,800 a night.


3. Seychelles


Villas, beaches, and a jungle that makes it all feel pretty secluded, Seychelles is the perfect little getaway. One main island and lots of little ones will give you plenty of variety.


Fancy a stay? Most resorts are charging 1,000 to 3,000 a night.


4. Fiji


Possibly one of the best places to visit in the South Pacific, Fiji is the perfect island for that dream getaway. Ah sure, get sunning yourself on these stunning beaches without a care in the world.


Fancy a stay? Most resorts are only charging around 600 a night.




5. Mauritius



Beaches, mountains, and a bit of scuba diving will be the ultimate treat on a trip to Mauritius. Just off the coast of Africa, why wouldn't you head here with that special someone?


Fancy a stay? For the bottom tier of luxury, you're looking at about 1,400 per night.

6. Barbados



This is where all American celebrities go and all Americans dream of going. Barbados is the perfect destination if beach front resorts are your passion and you just want to relax.


Fancy a stay? Your finest hotels are only around 580 a night. What a steal!

7. British Virgin Islands



Necker Island in this string was built on by Sir Richard Branson and comes with 60 staff members and 200 flamingos. Not too posh or anything.


Fancy a stay? It's only 47,000 a day, 328,000 a week, or 1,312,000 a month. Pocket change, really.

8. Tuscany



Not really feeling the whole island thing? Head to Tuscany then, where you can see vineyards for miles and even rent out your own villa with a vineyard or two.


Fancy a stay? Most villas can be rented weekly for around 3,000 to 4,000.

9. Musha Cay



11 private islands, 40 beaches, a private airstrip, and 5 houses make up this luxurious place. Oh, and according to David Copperfield, the Fountain of Youth is hidden somewhere on one of the islands.


Fancy a stay? It's only a mere €34,400 a night with a 4-night minimum.

10. Dubai



Nothing says style like staying in a city that has one of the tallest buildings in the world and is where the poshest people end up. Pop out for a bit of shopping in one of the most popular travel destinations.


Fancy a stay? Most hotels are looking at charging around 18,000 a night.

11. Sri Lanka



Gwan, you know you want to get that exotic adventure in, and Sri Lanka is the best place to do it! Just off the coast of India, it gives you that exotic feeling that you're looking for with the stunning beachfront view.


Fancy a stay? Only around 740 a night!

12. The Grenadines

Possibly a great place to test out your new yacht, The Grenadines is perfect for your next adventure. Take some pictures of those beautifully clear waters to show all your friends!



Fancy a stay? 1,325 a night is your ticket in.

13. Aruba


White beaches and water as far as the eye can see will make Aruba an absolute dream come true. Get going on this amazing vacation, and be sure to send us a postcard!



Fancy a stay? Only 840 a night will get you in to the best of the best.


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