Aer Lingus Announce Massive Sale On Flights To America

Aer Lingus Announce Massive Sale On Flights To America

In spite of the sunny weather recently, you may have noticed a foreboding sense of unease gnawing away in the pit of your stomach. "To what could this be attributed?" You may have thought to yourself. Well, cancel the appointment you've booked with your GP, you will not need it. That malaise was simply a pre-emptive tingling in your waters alerting you to the fact that Aer Lingus were soon to announce a major sale on flights to the United States.

To coincide with their national festivities, celebrating their liberation from the yoke of British Imperialism, Aer Lingus have decided that there is no better way to commemorate the work of George Washington, Big 'T' Jefferson and BJ Franklin et al. than to offer €50 off return flights booked to the US.

The sale begins today and is available and ends on July 9th and is applicable to journeys booked between 01 September and 31 October.

Perhaps the cynical among you are fearing that this seems too good to be true, and may only apply to flights heading to some god foresaken airport in the middle of the American scrub, well pack that bitter suspicion away. We're talking about all the big hitters here. Boston? Yes please. New York? Don't mind if I do. Los Angeles? I have my bank card in hand and am ready to make a transaction - in the low triple figures - to make this happen, please.


Head on over to their website to avail of this offer.

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Rory McNab

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