Aer Lingus Are Having A Huge Sale On August Flights

Aer Lingus Are Having A Huge Sale On August Flights

We're in peak holiday season so it goes without saying that there seems to be a sale on nearly every day with leading airlines. Yesterday we had Ryanair, today it's the turn of Aer Lingus.

They're offering up to 20% off flights in August across the UK and Europe so you can soak up that last bit of sunshine. The only catch is that you have to book by Friday! You can head to Birmingham for €24.99 but if you're a bit mad and feeling a tad more adventurous you can head to the likes of Paris, Alicante, Malaga and whole lot more destinations.

I'm including a last paragraph in this because basically the article was too short and needed lengthening despite the fact there is no information required to get this news across. So if you're still reading then what the hell are you doing!? Go book a holiday!

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Mark Farrelly

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