Bucket List: 20 Things You Need To Do Before You Turn 20

Bucket List: 20 Things You Need To Do Before You Turn 20

It's important to live life to the fullest and accomplish as many goals as possible. However, you face a key problem preventing you from acquiring the most out of life, you're boring. Well okay, boring may be a little harsh, you're just kinda dull, mundane, a creature of routine that just happens to be very boring. You're too comfortable and due to this, you really haven't done much in life. Sure, you passed some exams, got into college, get good grades and all that other shit, but what have you REALLY done? You don't have any wild stories or tales of epic adventures; you've been alive but not really living and all of that stops today. Here, I present you with the ultimate bucket list for any 20-year-old. Get living bitches....

1) Go streaking

I don't quite know how to describe the experience but all I know is that it is something every sensible/mature adult needs to experience at least once.

2) Kiss someone at midnight on New Years Eve

You know, like they do in all those cheesy lame movies that you hate (but secretly love ya big softy)

3) Take a road trip to an unknown destination

Just hop in the back of your mates shitty Nissan Micra and drive; go to Roscommon sure, I hear it's a fairly friendly spot...

4) Stay up all night watching TV just because

Even watch those terrible 2 am reruns of shows that were canceled for a VERY good reason.

5) Go skinny dipping

Being naked as I've hinted earlier is awesome. Now being naked underwater is just that little bit better.

6) Go camping and make smores

Smores are like mini orgasms in your mouth with each delicate bite, and I'm not even being dramatic.

7) Vote on a political issue

Now I know politics aren't what one would traditionally describe as sexy, but you're an adult now and you should probably utilise your vote and all that other responsible crap. You'll feel very accomplished.

8) Have a one night stand with a stranger

Cmon, stop judging. It's fun I promise you. And if not, at least it's an experience, an action that you will most likely regret but YOLO.

9) Get a job and proceed to hate your life

Money is cool, you can use it to buy stuff and who doesn't enjoy buying stuff? Weird people that's who.

10) Shamelessly go day drinking

I mean I desperately miss the days where getting piss drunk in the middle of the day on some dirt cheap cider was socially acceptable and there's a reason for that, it was great. I promise you.

11) Go abroad and see the world

There's nothing like a change of scenery and getting rejected by french girls to rejuvenate your social life.

12) Watch the sunrise as you get all emotional

It's just so goddamn majestic, hits you right in the feels.

13) Read a book. In fact, read ten books

Read a fucking book. Seriously, put away your laptop or phone or whatever you're reading this on and pick up something Derek Landy wrote (because he is the greatest author of all time)

14) Spend a day without any technology whatsoever

I know a day without Insta or Twitter is indeed a hard task, but you'll be so much better off without it.

15) Throw an awesome house party that will most likely leave the place in ruins

Your parents will most likely kill you but it will be an epic memory and you will go down in teenager history as that one 'madzer' who had a panda at their party.

16) Go outside of your comfort zone

If you don't like going to nightclubs because it's all crowded and sweaty, then go to a nightclub and dance your heart out. Don't put yourself in a box, nobody puts *insert your name* in a corner

17) Make a blanket fort, stay in all day and watch all your favourite films

It is so much fun, it is like a 9 on the banter scale.

18) Go to a festival

Wear the coolest most indie shit you can think of and just get shitfaced, like DESTROYED.

19) Have a summer fling

Oh you need to have a summer boo, do all cute shit like go to the beach and get a couple ice creams as you stare romantically at the waves or something like that.

20) Fall in love

All consuming, passionate, crazy love.

Dafe Orugbo
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Dafe once went streaking in the middle of the day for the promise of a 4in1. He is in possession of a spectacular ass, and considers himself quite the suave "Motha-Fucka". He studies English and Law in Maynooth University, but rarely attends classes because he is; and I quote - "Too busy mackin them bishes". His love for appletini's is only outweighed by his love for appletini's. Be warned if you ever encounter Dafe in the real world, he will probably turn you to the darkside *whispers* black people...

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