The J1 Bucket List: 16 Things You Need To Do In California

The J1 Bucket List: 16 Things You Need To Do In California

If you're planning your J1 to California or have plans to visit the States this summer then we've compiled the bucket list you need. California is the fifth largest economy in the world with weather that ranges from tropical thunderstorms to freezing temperatures so whether you're looking for work, or obsessed with seeing the landscape, you never know what you'll find.

A trendsetter when it comes to pop culture and innovation, Cali is the ideal place to spend a summer. Whether you're planning on working for the entire summer or staying local then you'll have countless things to visit and do in just one State. From scuba diving to the Hollywood Hills, there are many miles to cover so try and rent a car or hitch a ride:

The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Death Valley


Laguna Beach

Hot Air Balloon over Napa Valley

Chinatown, San Francisco


Golden Gate Bridge

Santa Monica Pier

Lake Tahoe


Alcatraz Island

Universal Studios

Scuba Dive


Pacific Coast Highway

Whale Watching in Monterey Bay

The Original Disneyland

Yosemite National Park


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