7 Reasons Why You Need To Get Going On A Trip To Galway

7 Reasons Why You Need To Get Going On A Trip To Galway

Summer is just around the corner, shure why not head to this gem out wesht?!

Galway has so much going for it, here are few of the many reasons you need to go.

1. Scenic drives

Galway are ya well cos you're looking well?!

If you turn off the main roads, there's some gorgeous scenery to feast your eyes on, hello! From Sky Road, Clifden, (which is often described as one of the most spectacular coastal drives in the country) to Lough Corrib, to the drive from Inagh Valley to Killary  Harbour, take your pick.

2. Galway Arts Festival

Galway International Arts Festival takes place from 15th- 28th July and this year's schedule looks unreal. During the Arts Festival, there's a creative buzz about the city and always something to see or two from plays, to gallery exhibitions and catching a gig in the evening, there is no better place to be.


3. Shound people

They're the best out west.

Condé Nast Traveler magazine even named Galway one of the top 6th friendliest cities in the world in 2015, as voted by readers.

4. Music scene


And no, we're not talking about Galway Girl!

From busking to traditional and contemporary music, pubs and clubs in the city roll out some great tunes. Trust us, it will bring a whole new element for your trip.

Look out for Rosin Dubh while you're there - the lively venue is widely renowned amongst the best pubs.

5. Session spot 

Yes! It's all about the session in Galway.

The streets are buzzin, the pubs heave with character and if all you're looking for is weekend sesh, you've got it.

6. Cute markets

You'll find all sorts of unique things to buy in Galway Market - hoards of stalls are selling everything from arts and crafts  to and to ready-to-eat snacks like crepes and curries.

7. Culture

It's been named the 2020 European Capital of Culture. Says it all really, doesn't it?

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