Forget Iceland: 11 Reasons You Need To Visit Norway At Least Once

Forget Iceland: 11 Reasons You Need To Visit Norway At Least Once

Everyone and their aunt Maureen is talking about going to Iceland to see the inimitable Northern Lights. We get it, it looks incredible, but let's remember that the land of fire and ice is not the only country with breathtaking views of the Northern Hemisphere.

Norway has a lot to offer so it might be time to plan that trip to a destination you haven't thought a lot about:

1) The Northern Lights

Norway is up there with Iceland when it comes to epic views of the Northern Lights.

2) Lofoten Island


One of the ideal locations to see the Northern Lights is the stunning Lofoten Islands. The beautiful village of Rene is like your own personal Christmas village.

3) The Wildlife

Landerag Nature Park is home to thousands of species including lynxes, reindeer (yes, you could even spot Rudolph) and packs of wolves. If you land animals aren't your thing then take to the waters and search out the giants of the sea with some whale watching. If you take a trip to the Svalbard Islands you can see polar bears close up.


4) Oslo Fjord

During the height of summer, the Oslo Fjord is the place to spend time in the sunshine. Grab a bag of cans and keep it classy.

5) Bergen

On the west coast of Norway is the picturesque town of Bergen. Walk through the streets and experience the historical magic that reminds us of our very own Dingle.


6) Troll Tunga

A scenic cliff view like none other, Troll Tunga is situated 1100 meters above sea level. Prepare yourself for the hike up to the peak.

7) It's one of the friendliest places in the world

In 2013. Norway was voted the second happiest place in the world. The World Happiness Report surveyed over 156 countries and took into account the social support and health of each countries people.


8) Hotel Ullensvang

Voted one of the best hotels in the world, Hotel Ullensvang has a massive hot tub that you can sit outside in with a selfie backdrop to die for.


9) Pulpit Rock/Preikestolen

A four-hour hike is needed for this breath-taking view.

10) Holmenkollbakken

Known as the birthplace of skiing, Norway's Holmenkollbakken is the perfect spot for anyone who loves the winter spot. Are you brave enough?

11) The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

Even if you don't go inside, sit outside the Norwegian Opera and Ballet on a summers day and enjoy the views

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