Ryanair Are Having An Absolutely Massive New Year's Sale

Ryanair Are Having An Absolutely Massive New Year's Sale

We are approaching a tipping point, a tipping point that looms large and ominous on the horizon - the moment when it becomes easier and more practical to simply alert people to the days when Ryanair aren't having some sort of sale. The days where Ryanair aren't trying to push on you some discounted flight to Ghent, or insisting that you make use of a heavily reduced rental car - though only available from specific French airports, or avail of a 20% reduction on in-flight paninis when purchased in quantities of five or more, will soon be in the minority.

Today, unfortunately, is not that day. And, it is therefore incumbent on me, as a provider of exclusively web-based content, to bring to your attention the fact that Ryanair are in fact having a sale today. Their motives for reducing the price of a number of flights that I can only describe as being 'in the double figures' is ostensibly to help tackle the fact many people will now be returning to work/ ploughing back into studies and essay-writing following the Christmas break. In other words they consider your work and life to be so irrepressibly glum that, within hours of having fumbled back into some semblance of your normal routine, they imagine you immediately need to start planning your next opportunity for escape. They imagine that you will simply be unable to get through the day without booking a flight to Luton.

The flight deals are valid on bookings on flights between January - March. The range of airports you can fly to are what I am simply obliged to describe as 'directly commensurate with the airports that you would expect Ryanair to fly to'.


There are 500,000 seats on sale and it would be churlish of us to expect anything other than the possibility that they will sell out at some indeterminate point in the future. I do not want to cause undue alarm or panic, but it would be simply naive of us to countenance any other possibility. As such, while not being under any massive time pressure to book anything immediately, bear in mind that there will come a point where the deals in the sale, as with all things, will end. Without being too specific, I'd say that you'd probably want to have things sorted by Friday, 2pm to avail of this.

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Rory McNab

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