Man Gives Himself Massive Pat On The Back Less Than 48 Hours Into Dry January

Man Gives Himself Massive Pat On The Back Less Than 48 Hours Into Dry January

Cavan native Dermot O'Connor has astounded family and friends alike after taking the bizarre step to congratulate himself for staying off the drink for all of less than two days.

The 28-year-old bricklayer was in flying form on New Year's Eve, wearing the ear off of anyone who would listen about his upcoming 'dry January'.

The following morning Mr. O'Connor was equally chatty despite having a head like a boiled shite. He spared no time in utilising all of his social media channels in order to make as many people as possible aware of his considerate sacrifice.

But Mr. O'Connor took things to another level when he posted a status at noon today congratulating himself for abstaining from the drink for a pathetic 36 hours. His status read as follows:

Been a hard couple of days since I decided to give up the drink for #dryjanuary. Proud of myself for making it this far tho... Only 29 and a half more days to go! #staystrong #newyearsresolution #squadgoals #newyearnewme


The message sent shockwaves throughout the social media world as friends and family alike were bowled over by how smug Mr. O'Connor could be a mere 36hours into 'dry January'.

The self-mastubatory tone of the status has already seen repercussions for Mr. O'Connor, with scores of people unfriending as well as unfollowing the well known gobshite.

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Eoin Lyons

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