Ryanair Have Launched A Week Of Massive Black Friday Sales

Ryanair Have Launched A Week Of Massive Black Friday Sales

Ryanair, the ol' devils, really hate the idea of you staying in one geographical location for too long. Michael O'Leary seems to be wracked with angst, with pure unadulterated dread, at the thought of you remaining within the confines of one nation for any prolonged period of time. He has seemingly devoted his entire life toward the ending of this plight, and to this end, Ryanair have announced another week of massive sales.

Black Friday, one of the most bizarre American imports since The Osmonds, is the form which this latest incarnation of seat sales has been couched in. All through this week Ryanair will have a unique offer on their site for each different day. Today, the first day of the deal, promises 15% off some 500,000 seats including, among many other options, flights from €12.99 to Hamburg. As someone who has been to Hamburg recently enough, any minute you spend not being in Hamburg is a minute of your life wasted.

Over the next several days there will be a unique sale offered each day, with each day's deals presumably being of an even juicier nature than the dear before.


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