5 Of The Best Holiday Spots To Get Some Winter Sun

5 Of The Best Holiday Spots To Get Some Winter Sun

It's official. We're not even two weeks into Winter and we're well over it already. The temperature has decidedly dropped, it's dark when we get out of bed in the mornings and it's taking longer to commute as well. No, no this just won't do. Vitamin D is badly needed and we know exactly where we can get some.

Start making some holiday plans and there'll be no come down after Christmas for you! Here are the top places to soak up the sun during the winter months.


Tenerife are you well cos you're looking well!

The nightlife is buzzing and you're pretty much guaranteed the sun all year round on the Island so its win win for holidaymakers really. With an average high of 20°C, we're already mentally packing what shorts we're going to bring.


Just on the edge of the Sahara desert, Agadir and Marrakech will heat up those bones during the winter months! Chill out on the white sandy beaches, explore the bustling markets or get lost in the colourful nightlife scene.



If you fancy some sun without the crowds, well then stick this Mediterranean Island on your Winter bucket list. Chill on the beach, go island hopping, visit the markets - you won't be bored over there. And the locals eat ice cream for breakfast...we could definitely get on board with that!

Gran Canaria

Another lively spot, Gran Canaria attracts millions of visitors every year and ticks all the boxes for the perfect sun holiday. If you get bored sunning yourself on the beach, go camel riding for the craic or have a goo at the local marine life. The temperature usually stays above 20°C.


Sure, you're going to need a lot more spends to travel to Thailand but once you get there it's pretty cheap. The party scene is crazy, the scenery is unrivaled and you can get a massage for the price you'd pay for a bag of chips over here. Quick tip - don't spend longer than a few days Bangkok, Island hopping is where the real fun starts. An unmissable experience.

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