10 Foods With Horrendous Names

Sometimes, when foreign companies try to give their products English names, things can get lost in translation. This often produces hilarious results. The following products have somehow ended up with horrendous names due to translation errors. You can't help but wonder, did someone actually make a mistake or is the person responsible just laughing their ass off at the company's expense?

10) The Jew's Ear Juice.

Hath not a Jew drinkable ear juice?

9) Homo Sausage

Funny, a pub I know has the same name.

8) Goteborgs Rape

Tagline: "It's irresistible."

7) Child Shredded Meat

Mmm, tender.

6) Finger Marie

If you insist.

5) Golden Gaytime

I settle for no other kind of gaytime.

4) Tastes Like Grandma

They've finally managed to bottle the flavour of stale perfume and impending death.

3) Pet Sweat

I'm not even sure this was a mistake.

2) Urinal

Nothing like a mouthful of steaming urinal first thing in the morning.

1) Soup For Sluts

Your mother's favourite appetizer.
Joey Flanagan
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