The 10 Guys You'll Find On Tinder

Are you really a student if you don’t have Tinder? It seems like pretty much everyone has it these days just to kill boredom, but no matter how many guys you right swipe to, here are the 10 that you’re always bound to find.

1. The Traveller

They're in the vicinity for a few days, most likely "An Aussie travelling Europe and looking for cool people to hang out with". They usually want someone to “show them around the city”, but all you can think of is the Guinness Storehouse, which even you haven’t been to. Not that it matters anyway, it’s clear they just want a casual holiday hook up to satisfy their needs.

2. A One Night Stand

Despite wanting very much to forget about that night, you swipe right purely to see if they did the same to you. You'll probably match (as he won't realise who you are at first) but will subsequently unmatch you when he figures it out ten minutes later. Yeah, he was always going to be a bit of an asshole.



3. Friend's Brother

The temptation to swipe right for a laugh quickly ends when you consider how awkward it will be the next time you go to your friend's house. You should probably let that fantasy go for the sake of everyone involved.


4. An Ex

At least you know they haven't moved on to their next relationship and are just as "happily single" as you.


5. Your Friend

When your guy friends start popping up on Tinder, you will probably might get incredibly uncomfortable and have to close the app for a while. You wonder if they swiped right to you but aren't really prepared to discover the answer.



6. Tinder Plus Guy


He lives 2000km away and decides paying for Tinder is a good idea. But unless he'd walk a thousand miles to fall down at your door, it's not worth wasting your time on someone who lives halfway around the world and most likely have nothing in common with.


7. Serious Guy

He's filled out his bio to the max, has 6 pictures and connected his Instagram account. Sometimes it's easy to forget that Tinder isn't just a game for shallow people and some guys actually want to get proper dates from it (although this would be a very rare situation in college).

8. Mysterious Guy


He either has no photos, one photo or three photos of him and his 20 friends in Thailand 2k14. Nothing is filled out on his bio, and yes, this all probably points to a catfish. Maybe swipe left before you have to track down Nev Schulman to help you out.


9. Erasmus Student

They're here for 6 months visiting from some exotic place and while you know nothing serious could happen, you still fantasise about spending an amazing time with them and becoming pen pals for life. Realistically that's not gonna happen.

10. Love of Your Life


You'll match and everything will be perfect. You'll drive off into the sunset together and live happily ever after.

Lol jk.

I can probably assure you with 99.9% certainty that this will never happen.


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