10 Reasons Why You Should Date Internationally

As well as the wide variety of cultures to take your pick from, stepping out of your comfort zone to find love will inevitably leave you with a new outlook on your quest for your significant other. Here's the rundown on why you should take a leap overseas and date internationally.

1.The Accent

You don't get your R's rolled that way in your hometown.


2. Sophistication

Whether they grew up on a farm or in a city, whether they are poor or rich, foreign people just have an air of sophistication to them. Maybe its down to the boring nature our own men have to them or that people abroad are generally more interesting. Either way, its a reason in itself to want to date internationally.


3. Culture Difference

Again, this is an obvious one. Their culture is completely different and they have been raised differently. This tends to make them more gentlemen like because in a lot of cultures, they're brought up to respect women. With different cultures comes plenty for conversation. What better way to get to know each other than to cook each other your country's specialty? Potatoes anyone?

4. Partner in Travel

If ever you needed a reason to travel then here it is. If you're unfortunate enough to land yourself into a long distance relationship, at least you'll always have an excuse to hop on a plane and blame your partner for living so far away when your boss asks why you aren't coming in again. If your partner is from another country, chances are they'll want to join you while you step out of the four walls and explore your outside surroundings. Who better to travel with than your romantic interest?


5. They Will Think You're Fascinating

This one is self explanatory. Your name could be the most common in the book of baby names but when in Rome, he'll say your name with such eloquence. They don't realise how common your accent sounds in your home country but too late now, you've roped them in.

6. Charm


They won you over with their sexy accent and constant sallow skin and the same charm works for the family and friends. This foreign stranger is a change from the usual locals you bring home after a night out so they are guaranteed the seal of approval from Mom and Dad.


7. Introducing Them Your Own Culture

This is particularly fun if you're Irish. Foreign people are fascinated by our vocabulary and it sounds 100x better when said in an alluring accent. Ever hear someone abroad saying ''bleedin deadly''? It's amazing.



8. Their Idea Of Romance Is Completely Different

This can't be said for every international you come across, but dating someone abroad is a total wake up call to all of your senses. They come off as a lot more affectionate than the guys you're used to at home. They're all for kissing in public so get over your fear of public affection before you go seeking your foreign Prince Charming.

9. You Get To Brag

This isn't an insinuation that dating a foreigner is some sort of status symbol, but getting to divide your time between two coutries, the constant learning about their culture and being able to listen to that accent all the time does give you the right to brag a little, or a lot maybe.


10. Your Children Will Get To Speak Two Languages

This may be planning ahead a bit too much but hey, you're either in the relationship for the long haul or just for the fun and chances are, if you're going to go out of your way to seek love with someone abroad, you're in it for the long haul. Your children will be bi-lingual without the expense of a tutor. Everybody wins.

Alexandra Marsden
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