10 Types Of People You Should Avoid At Parties

Who doesn't love a party? Eh, not many people so at some point in your drinking career you're gonna end up as one of these types because alcohol is pretty subjective to your mood. It's just the unwritten rules. So here you go, here are the ten people that you should probably avoid at parties if you actually wanna have a good time.



1. The Lightweight

The Lightweight has it both good and bad, they don't need to spend as much to get drunk but they also can't handle the amount. While everyone is only feeling a lil' buzzed they're already talking shit so by the time everyone else is nicely drunk they've had their head in the toilet for an hour. Don't be the one that has to hold their hair back, they have friends for that.




2. Not So Heavyweight

On the flip side you have the person that goes way too hard. For the most part they can really handle their drink but there's always someone who can pack it away like a camel but can't hold it for shit. Downing shoulders of vodka is going to fuck anyone up.




 3. The Town Crier

Your guinea pig died six years ago, get over it and stop crying on me.




4. Sleeping Beauty

Slightly past half ten and this one is ready for pyjamas and a long nights sleep. God help you if you manage to keep them awake, they'll either turn into complete messes or they'll fly off the handle twenty minutes later.




5. "This Song Is About MEEEEEE!"

Everyone gets a little over excited and loud when they drink, but the ones that really really need attention are definitely a type to avoid. They make sure that everyone knows they're in the room by running to the various groups and shouts some kind of slurred sentence then moves to the next group. Great fun...not.



6. The DMC


You get pulled into a corner or into an empty room and not in the good way, no, this person has some real deep shit that they need to tell someone and it's gonna be you. Fair enough if it's a real problem but when it's the usual shite you'd rather be out there forgetting about your problems, not hashing them out over the course of four hours.



7. The Wet Blanket

Some people are just born ready to be parents. The Wet Blanket curbs her own fun so she can make sure that everyone at the party is playing nice and you're all being responsible and nobody is getting too rambunctious.....YAWN. While nobody wants to go thrashing the place or to see a bunch of fights started, it's good to be able to let go and act like a fucking idiot for a couple of hours. This type is good to have at a party at your house though because it's no fun if it's your shit getting broke, just make sure they're there for pre drinks to loosen them up a bit.




8. The Drunk n' Horny

This goes for either gender because it's best to avoid altogether. Drunk sex is certainly an experience to have, it's sloppy, it's messy and there's a bunch of fumbling around. And that's all great stuff and a lot of fun and probably how at least 70% of our relationships start but there's the type that when they get drunk something magical happens. It gives them an insatiable libido and she's gotten with at least four other people that night before getting to you.





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