10 Ways To Spot A Girl Is Flirting With You

Say what you will, but flirting is a skill you acquire over years, maybe even a life time of practice. No one slides out of the womb like a smooth fucker, ready to pull. Flirting is a seductive dance between giving into your desires and leaving them wanting more. Flirting is different for men and women. As women, we notice the subtle hints, the change in body language and even the tone of conversation. But with men? Well, they're a bit more fucking complicated aren't they? You could flash your tits at them and they still wouldn't understand you want a shag. So listen up fellas, if you're around a girl and she does any of the following, she probably fancy's the arse off you.

1. Confidence

Confidence is a very attractive quality to have and women generally have a confident aura to them anyway. However, if she knows what she wants and is comfortable around you, it's her little way of flirting/showing she's interested.

2. Body Language

When it comes to flirting, it's not just about what you say, but what you do that attracts the other person. She could be trying to communicate her interest in you by sending you certain signals like raising her eyebrow when you're talking to her,  touch your arm, shoulder or knee, move in closer when you are having a conversation and laughing at your jokes even when they're shite.

3. Communicating In A Way To Create Sexual Tension

Flirting does exactly what it says on the tin. Creates sexual tension. We usually want what we can't have but when you give the other person a taste of what they could have, but then take it away from them, it creates a hot n' heavy atmosphere. Eye contact is a way of doing this so if you notice she's keeping contact throughout the whole time, she's trying to get you to notice her attempts of flirting. Eyes have a unique way of communicating erotic desire through a simple gaze.


4. A Light Touch Here And There

Hopefully she'll keep it PG until you get back to somewhere private, but notice if she touches your arm or shoulder randomly. Physical contact is enough to get the adrenaline pumping .Take her touching you as an act of intimacy and comfort and open ya damn eyes, she's flirting with you. Unless she's punching you around the place, then maybe that's the sign of a domestic.



As girls, it takes a lot for us to compliment a guy and we don't just compliment anyone, in fear we might give off the wrong vibe. So if she's complimenting your new hair cut or your shoes even though they're generic as fuck, she's flirting big time. Take note of it all.

6. She Dresses To Impress

Now, I'll start by saying that no woman dresses for a man. We wear those low cut tops because we enjoy the view of our own tits. Buuut, we occasionally like to look a certain way in hopes to grab your attention. If you notice she's not wearing her signature tracky bottoms and hair in a messy bun, then chances are she went out with the intention to get you to notice her. So appreciate the fact that she actually put time into shaving her legs and wearing a waist trainer to hide her jiggly bits.

7. Touching Her Hair

As cliché as it sounds, a girl will usually mess with her hair while she's talking to you. Sometimes this is a sign of nervousness too but if a girl likes you, nervousness comes with the package. Keep an eye out for subtle signs like these because chances are she'll be messing with her hair the whole time she's talking to you.


8. Being Herself

Maybe this doesn't qualify for all girls because a lot of them won't want to unleash their inner psycho JUST yet. However, if she's able to dance (even if it's terrible) around you and laugh like she just did a stamp of acid before she met you, then she's comfortable around you and is letting her guard down. Sometimes our weird quirks are what makes you like us so we use this to our advantage.

9. If She Seems Interested

If she seems way too concerned about a cat you once had, then she's trying to show she's interested in learning things about you. She could hate football and golf might bore the shite out of her but if she's willing to have a deep conversation about it, she's already the one. Might as well book the wedding now.


10. She Listens

If she has sat patiently and listened to you go on about your ex (something you literally shouldn't do but for some reason you do anyway) then she is genuinely interested in the conversation. If she isn't consuming the conversation with fact after fact about herself and she wants to know more about you, then this is another way of flirting. She's listening to what you're saying and actually wants to hear all about your J1.


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