11 Alternative Breakup Songs That Will Hit You In The Feels

While all these songs may not deal expressly with the topic of breaking up, they do all deal heavily with the theme of love. Rather than make a list of popular songs that you have all probably heard and are beyond sick of, I've decided to compile a list of songs that are most likely unknown to you but still bound to hit you in the feels. So sit back, relax and let the water works begin.

1) Tv Girl - I Wonder Who's She Kissing Now

A question I'm sure any hopelessly heartbroken idiot has asked at one point or another... a question to which he probably doesn't even want to know the answer to but he ask's anyways.

2) Chance The Rapper ft Noname Gypsy -  Lost

A desperate plea to be more than you are, and for that special somebody to view you in a different light. It's a last ditch effort to change a hopeless situation because you don't know what else to do.


3) All American Rejects - Give You Hell

They've dumped you and as terrible as it is, you're determined not to let it get you down. You simply refuse to give them the satisfaction of seeing you miserable, and instead decide you're going to be the winner of the break up.

4) KYLE - Don't Wanna Fall In Love

Yeah it's over and you've accepted that; better yet you've learned from it and grown. And this is you saying just that. You tried the whole "love" thing, it didn't work out and now you're done. Good.

5) Linkin Park- In Between

You're sorry. You're sorry about every stupid mistake you've made, every dumb thing you've said and now you're just trying to say sorry. You just need them to know you're sorry while you still can, while they'll still listen...


6) Childish Gambino - Sober

You're in a terrible mood, you're having the king of all shitty days; You want more than anything to go home, get drunk and dance awkwardly with yourself in the dark

7) Paramore - The Only Exception

There's something beautifully unique about them and you couldn't quite put your finger on it, and till this day you still can't. Now that they're gone you can't help but reminiscence...

8) Watsky - The One

I guess it doesn't make sense to you; you're alone and don't really know where to go from here and you find yourself wondering if there's someone else out there for you...there has to be right?



9) Demi Lovato- Don't Forget

It's this crushing, overwhelming sense of being forgotten by this person who you used to mean the world to and now you're just left questioning you're importance, not only in relation to them but to yourself as well.

10) Futuristic - Kill Us Both

You're plaguing yourself with a thousand questions and possible alternative scenarios in the hopes that asking them could maybe alter reality, but it doesn't. It never does.

11) Man Overboard - Where I Left You

You're trying your best to overcome the waves of melancholy that she left and you just desperately want to get back to where you were before everything got so fucked up.

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