11 Celebrities That Every Girl Has Flicked The Bean To

Remember the days when coral necklaces and surfer boy chic was hot? Or if you were the My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy kind and you were totally fine with the guy-liner circa 2007. Not to mention having your hormones skyrocket at the sight of a bad boy rapper, and those six packs. Yes our generation was blessed to have such beautiful celebrities for us to drool and you know, pleasure ourselves to, come on, we've all done it, don't lie!

Justin Timberlake

If the blonde tips in his hair weren't enough when he was NSYNC then when he burst onto the scene with 'Rock Your Body' probably was. His voice sounds like choir of angels, he's a sensitive soul and those moves. Swoon, swoon, swoooooooooooon.

Zach Morris/A.C Slater

Zach or Slater? I can't give my answer without fearing the backlash of readers. This debate divided your primary class, and why wouldn't it? Zach had that cheeky attitude, with dreamy blonde hair and was a total boss. But Slater was a total babe! Those muscles, that smile, them curls, damn! Couldn't we just have both?




Nelly crawled his way into my little gangster wannabe heart. No one could rock a nike headband and a million dollar chan better than he could. Not to mention every goes apeshit when the DJ drops 'Hot In Here' in the club still. And do you remember those abs... I remember those abs.



Drake was the hottest thing to happen to Nickelodeon since Spongebob set the Krusty Krabb on fire. He played electric guitar, was oh so smooth with the ladies and made the bowl cut sexy. Respect.

Chad Michael Murray

I don't know what Chad is doing now. But all I know is that he was the blonde bombshell of our time. His smile and overall physical appearance is the only proof that there is some kind of awesome God who makes people like Chad Michael Murray. Keep up the good work invisible force.


We all grew up listening and admiring Eminem. So troubled and deep we couldn't help but want to love him, made sure he ain't right and stayed off drugs.


Ashton Kutcher

This prankster burst into our lives with Punk'd. I had no idea who or what is was before that but all I knew was that I really liked watching Punk'd. It's 2014 and he hasn't aged a day. There's that invisible force at work again!

Will Smith

We loved him In 'Fresh Prince' and we still loved him in his big Hollywood blockbusters. Will's the kind of guy that always makes us laugh, saves the world from aliens and shit, plus, muscles, he has many of them.


Zac Efron

Troy Bolton was our highschool sweetheart that lived on the Disney channel. We sympathized with his overwhelming desire to sing and dance, while daydreaming of being Vanessa whatever his name was. She just got in the way.

50 Cent

He's a babe and had candy! To be honest we never knew we didn't really understand the many many metaphors throughout 'Candy Shop', but what we did know what that 50 Cent is smokin hot.

Ciara Donnelly
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