11 Perfect Tinder Opening Lines To Use When You're Stuck For Something To Say

11 Perfect Tinder Opening Lines To Use When You're Stuck For Something To Say

Tinder opening lines are an art form – and one that, sadly, the vast majority of Irish people have yet to master.

But there really is nothing more frustrating than matching with someone who's absolutely GORGE, only to have no idea how to open the conversation. So help is at hand – and these 11 lines should steer you to safety.

1. 'Tell me two facts about yourself, one true and one false. I'll guess which is which.'

Because everyone loves talking about themselves, tbh.

2. 'Here, I can't think of an ice-breaker. Any suggestions?'

Why do all the work when someone else can do it for you?



3. 'If you had to describe yourself using any song title, what would it be?'

If they give you a serious answer instead of responding with a joke, back away slowly; that's not how it's done in Ireland.

4. 'I've had 'My Sharona' stuck in my head all week... and now I guess it's stuck in your head too. Shit. Sorry.'

Deliciously evil.


5. 'Would you rather: always say everything that's on your mind, or never be able to speak again?'

You can't beat a good 'would you rather' question in any situation – and this opening line has the added bonus of giving you an insight into their mindset. Win.

6. 'You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel'

If they don't get the reference, run. Not that you'll need to, because they'll think you're hella odd.



7. 'Hey, haven't we meet before? At the SU thing?'

Simple lie detector test. Unless, of course, you have met them – in which case, panic.

8. 'What are your feelings on road frontage?'

Watch out here for overly enthused responses – there's no better way to weed out those who are only after one thing.

9. 'Peanut or chocolate M&Ms?'

If they go rogue and say 'crispy', unmatch immediately.



10. 'Hey, this is a weird request, but I'm currently stranded in Indonesia after all my Travellers Cheques were stolen – any chance you'd wire me some cash? I wouldn't ask if I wasn't totally stuck :/'

This is win-win – if they react with disgust, you'll know they've got some cop on and they're not gullible. And if they don't? Well, you get money.


11. 'Hey, how are you?'

Because sometimes, you just can't beat the classics...

Got a killer opening line that the world should hear? Let us know...


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