11 Signs It's Time For The "What Are We" Talk

I blame Tinder for this whole sorry mess. You drank a little too much that one Friday night, messaged him on Tinder, and boom: you guys started regularly sleeping together. But, you start to realize you see him more during the day now, and he knows what pisses you off but also what makes you smile. You get along with his mates and you somehow...even met his mum...? Right. It's defo time to have "So what are we exactly?" talk.

1. You Talk Everyday On A Regular Basis.


You send texts throughout the day and not just a 3am "you up?" text. And when he texts, "What did you get up  to today?" he actually wants to know. Shocker.

2. You Actually Talk On The Phone.


My friends always say you know a guy is serious when he calls you to talk, not just text. A guy I was dating once did this and I almost died of shock. Do you guys call each other on the reg? That's some boyfriend/girlfriend shit going on right there.


3. You Hang Out With Him And His Friends.


Your typical Saturday afternoon is spent in sweatpants eating pizza with him and his roommates. They don't mind, and they actually like having you there. Eh, that's so not casual-fucking territory.

4. You Do Things Outside Of The House Together.



You don't only see him confined in four walls (his disgraceful bedroom), but you meet each other out for lunch or coffee. What do people call those? Would that be...dates?

5. You Guys Aren't Shy About PDA.


It's not like you guys are having full on sex in the middle of the park, but the playful kiss and hand holding is something you guys do without thinking when there are actually other people around to see it.



6. You See Each Other During The Day.


A hook up is meant to be seen only at night (or a little bitta afternoon delight if you guys are totally mental), but you guys make it a point to see each other during the day. You guys hang out in the cold light of day fully dressed to talk to each other. Hook-ups totally do that, right?

7. You've Met His Family.



Ah c'mon, seriously? You've hung out with his brother and sister, and met his mom that one time out for Sunday brunch...but...no, it's not serious. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

8. You Study Together.


Studying is something you do in your sweats, glasses on, junk food in hand, and probably not what you'd want your hook up to see you looking like. But, you guys study together like it's NBD, and you even forget you look like shit. Because you know that he doesn't care. Because they like you. And they're not a dickhead.

9. You Know His Favourite Foods.



When you're grabbing a treat from the store, you pick up a bag of liquorice because you know he would just die for that right now. (Bonus if you hate whatever it is you're buying and won't steal it on him) Do you normally pick up food for your hook-ups? No is the right answer here.

10. You Guys Have "Our Song."


Anytime that song comes up on your Spotify playlist, you guys have a moment. That's relationship type of shit. No hook up in the history of hook-ups have a "song." Just have the talk lads, you know its time.


11. You Guys Get Personal.


Late nights after sex turn into late nights of talking about life, insecurities, goals, dreams, etc. You don't want to immediately leave after you're done, and you find you love being with him after sex even more so than the sex itself. Girl, you and him need "The Talk" stat because it sounds like you guys are totally in a relationship already.


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