11 Things Not To Do When Meeting Her Parents

The time you've been dreading has come, you are meeting your girlfriends parents. This is a big moment for a lot of reasons, it confirms you're in a committed relationship and it is a vital tipping point in figuring out if this romance continues. Her dad might not like you and that is a game changer. To ensure you keep in the good books here are some thing you should not do when meeting her parents for the first time.

11. Don't Comment On Her Mom's Rack..

It's an obvious nono.

10. Don't Insult Her Father's Record Collection..

Most guys are really proud of their record collections and their music taste so respect that, even if they are a die hard Eagles fans.


9. Don't Use bad Language...

Be polite and articulate... Look it up.

8. Do Not Hit Her Little Siblings..

That's just not on man. Little kids can be annoying but stay cool and composed. If you get along with her brothers and/or sisters then good things might come your way. (BJs?)


7. Don't Let Her Touch You While Eating Dinner..

Hands are okay but nothing below the waste.

6. Don't Lie About How You Milked Your Sisters Cat..

It never goes down well. Ben Stiller Couldn't make it work, what makes you think you can?


5. Don't Confess Your Love For Weed..

Pugs not drugs, Dude.

4. Don't Poop Down Stairs..

Go upstairs or hold it if you can. You don't want to stink up the place.


3. Don't Tell A Fart Joke..

You are meeting this girls parents, it's a sign you're in a mature relationship so don't ask her Dad to pull your finger.

2. Don't Say Your Mom's Cooking Is Better..

If her Mom serves you her 'Famous cheesecake' don't say you're Mom's is better unless you want to get a slap across the face.

1. Don't Remind Them You're Doing Their Daughter..

They don't want to here how you defile their beloved offspring on the reg.

Chris Duff
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