12 Signs You And Your Best Friend Need To Take A Break

You love your best mate. You do. Really, you do. Right? No, of course. Love her. It's just...I don't know, she's been a little annoying lately? Actually, yes. She's been very fucking annoying lately. Do you and your best mate need a little friendly break perhaps?


1. You respond to each other's texts with one word responses.


"K." "Haha." "Nope."

2. If you hear her talking about "Sean" one more time, you will hit her.



THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT HIM. NOTHING. And even if there was, you need to shut up.

3. The passive-aggressiveness between you two is actually sickening.


I can't take this fake nice any longer.

4. You all of a sudden realise she's a loud chewer.



Has she always been this annoying?

5. You press "Ignore" on her phone call.


Nope. I'm not pausing Netflix for this.

6. She's no longer *that* hilarious.



If anything, you're just recycling jokes at this point.

7. Every opinion she has is wrong.



I know technically an opinion isn't *wrong* but somehow she finds a way to be wrong.

8. Her captions on Instagram are a thorn in your side.


Quote Taylor Swift. One. More. Time.

9. You're dreading seeing her at pre-drinks.



I don't know what I'm going to say with a little alcohol in me.

10. Your sarcasm towards each other is verging on a bit too truthful.


Sarcasm used to be our language, but now it's starting to sound like the truth.

11. You give each other the "no teeth" smile.



The most passive-aggressive face you can make, IMO.

12. You find yourself bitching about her to your other friends.


A clear sign that, yes indeed, you two need a break.


Credit: Jennifer Cloud.

Ciara O'Shea
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