14 Reasons Your Sister Is Your Best Mate

Sisters...can't live with them, can't live without them. But, if you're lucky, you and your sister CAN live with each other, and she's your best mate. You make all of your only-child friends jealous.

1. She doesn't get angry when you take her clothes...usually.


She knows that gray tunic she has in her closet looks fab on you, so she's all about sharing it. Just don't take her favorite skinny jeans or she will take you down.

2. She always takes your side.



Your parents are always wrong, and that guy was such a dick for dumping you. She's got your back.

3. She'll do your hair and makeup for a night out.


She is *queen* at making you look all gorgeous for a night out. Seriously, she can do no wrong with a contour palette.

4. Food is literally a hobby you share.



She doesn't judge you for your late-night food runs, because she's the one ordering for the both of you.

5. She is your go-to drinking buddy.


No one else can keep the tequila flowing like she does.

6. You have the same taste in music.



You always have a buddy to go to concerts with because your sister is in love with the same bands you're in love with.

7. She always makes you tea when she makes hers.


And she knows how you take it, with just a dash of milk.


8. She'd rather watch movies with you on a Friday night than go out with her friends.


Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Pride and Prejudice on REPEAT. With a bottle of wine, obvi.

9. Shopping is always better with her.


She'll be honest about what looks good on you and also laugh at the things that don't.


10. She's always willing to be your work out buddy.


Running on the treadmill is less painful when your sister is running on the one next to you.

11. She knows all your Snapchat horror stories and won't use them against you.



That time you sent an embarrassing selfie to your one-night stand? She helped you laugh it off, even though you still cringe thinking about it to this day.

12. You support each other in every endeavor.


Whenever faced with a tough decision, your sister has been there the entire way.

13. She usually knows what you're thinking before you even say it.



All it takes is a look.

14. Your friends all tell you how jealous they are that your sister is your best mate.


And they should be, because your sister really is the best mate.

Credit: Universal Pictures.

Ciara O'Shea
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