14 Thoughts Every College Girl Has When She's Finally Over A Dry Spell

Hey, don't you worry girl, dry spells happen to the best of us. Maybe you haven't been out that much lately, maybe you feel like your mojo is gone, maybe you're just out of a relationship. Whatever it is, we're not judging, we know how it feels... It's rough. Plenty of time to get back on that horse though. When you do, here are some thoughts that might be going through your head...

1. “Ouch. Did my hymen regenerate itself?”

2. "Jesus that feels very big, were they always this big?"

3. "We're definitely gonna need to do this a second time so I can get back into the swing of it"

4. "I wonder can he tell that it's been 6 months.... OKAY NINE"

5. "Thank God I'm a girl and it takes me longer. If I was a guy this would be all over right now and very messy."

6. "Do people like pulling hair? I feel like the last guy I was with did... But how can you ever be sure?"

7. "I feel like there's new moves happening here that I don't know anything about, when did THAT become a thing?!"

8. “I have no idea where to put my hands right now, above the head - always a winner”

9. “God, this is amazing, I cannot believe I went without it for so long.”

10. "I wonder if Steven Avery actually did it... OH MY GOD FOCUS"

11. "I feel like he's angling for me to go on top but I honestly don't know if my muscles will know what to do"

12. “I should have gone for the foreplay instead of going straight into it. Deffo need to do this again.”


13. “Hope this condom hasn’t expired... Is that even a thing?”

14. "I literally love having sex. I want it every day forever. Never going this long again."

Sarah Power
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