15 Of The Most Attractive Qualities Every Girl Looks For In A Guy

Now, I know everyone is different and we all have different taste in guys. However, I think we can all agree on certain qualities. Generally, I think we all like a guy with a great smile, a good sense of humor, and one who *loves* dogs. Do you agree with the rest of these attractive qualities in guys?

1. He has a strong jaw.


Ugh, yes.

2. He has a great sense of humor.



Probably the most important thing, let's be real. If he makes us laugh, he's a keeper.

3. He's filled with kindness.


Being kind is so fucking attractive.

4. He has beautiful, effortless hair.



Can I run my hands through it? Please?

 5. He's athletic.

You don't have to be a star athlete, but keeping fit is super hot.

6. He's nice to his mother.


Being a momma's boy ain't a bad thing, and it's a good indicator of the kind of man he is.



7. His style is on point.


He utilizes the color navy like it's no one's business...and doesn't only wear hoodies out of the house. Miracle.

8. The boy can cook.


A surprise romantic dinner, thank you very much.


9. He has a great smile.


10. He is intelligent.

An intelligent man will legit win us over in a heartbeat.


11. He loves his friends and has a big group of them.

Which is great because YOU love your friends, so your lives aren't solely focused on each other.

12. He's a dog lover.

No more explanation is needed, obvi.


13. He is a naturally generous person.

He's there to lend a hand to others and expects nothing in return. Also he's not a stingy fuck when it comes to paying for dinner.

14. He's great with kids.

Watching him play with kids makes your ovaries actually explode. Can't even.

15. He treats you like the *KWEEN* you are.

As he fucking should!

Ciara O'Shea
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