15 Things That Indicate A Lasting Relationship In Your 20's

15 Things That Indicate A Lasting Relationship In Your 20's

People always say that young love is transient and temporary, but that doesn't mean that you should overlook the important relationships you have in your twenties. You might be young, but that definitely doesn't mean you haven't found the right person. If you can recognize these 15 aspects in your relationship, chances are you've got something special.

1. You're Not Too Serious

It may seem like a weird indicator of a solid relationship, but it's totally true that people who tend to be a little flexible and not take themselves too seriously manage to stay together longer. If you try to make your relationship the end-all be-all of your life, there's a good chance you'll end up ruining it.

2. You've Survived A Breakup

Breakups can actually be a good thing if they make you realize how badly you want to be with the person you fell out with. They also get your relationship problems out in the open so you can identify the issues you both have and work to resolve them. "'That that don't kill you can only make you stronger' --Kanye West --Me."

3. You Can Always Laugh Together


This is super important. If you can laugh about anything, you can get through everything. Having a good sense of humour about life indicates a higher level of maturity--something that always comes in handy when you choose to spend your life with another living, breathing, complaining human.

4. You're Close With Each Other's Families

Having a close relationship with your significant other's family gives you a great foundation upon which to build your future together. Besides, if their family likes you, you know that means you've been vetted as a possible candidate for marriage and children.

5. You Have Great Sex

I mean, come on. If you don't have great sex, there's no way you're sticking together. Sex is the glue!


6. You Trust Each Other

With everything. You would let this person perform eye surgery on you. Okay, maybe not eye surgery, but you really fucking trust them.




7. You've Spent Time Apart

Couples who have never travelled separate from one another have never experienced the strains of remaining faithful away from home (and it's more trying than you would imagine!). Time away can make you realize that either you want to play the field or you really do want to stay with the person you have back home. Either way, you discover a lot.

8. You Respect Each Other's Dreams

You don't try to make your life plan conform to theirs and vice versa. If you really want to be together, you'll make it work, but planning to sacrifice your dreams to make someone else's happen is bound to make you resent them in the future.

9. You Don't Want Anybody Else (Like, At All)


Young Leonardo DiCaprio could approach you with a bottle of Merlot and a box of condoms and you would still turn him down. You're in so deep, your unconscious brain can't even generate sex dreams about anyone besides bae. They're the only one for you.

10. You Know Each Other's Darkest Secrets

(At least you think you do). Even if your significant other doesn't tell you everything, they tell you a lot. You know things about them that nobody else does and you keep their secrets safe as if they were your own.

11. You Have Healthy Fights

Keyword: healthy. When you have a problem with something your significant other does or says, you tell them about it. People who keep their relationship issues bottled up are headed for a massive rage explosion (and, most likely, a truly horrific breakup).


12. You Shoulder Each Other's Burdens

Part of really loving someone is accepting their flaws and helping them navigate the rough patches of their life. If you guys have any chance of sticking together, it means taking on each other's problems and not giving up when the honeymoon stage of your relationship is over.

13. You Know How To Hurt Each Other

Unfortunately, when people enter into a truly intimate relationship, it gives them an angle into what hurts the other person the most. This means that during a fight, you know exactly what to say that would completely disarm and destroy the other person. Weirdly, this ability to identify someone's weaknesses is just another sign of how close you are.


14. You Can't Stay Away

You've tried dating other people, but it's like eating sugar-free ice cream when you're used to the real thing. No matter how hard you try to open your heart to other people, you just can't give up on that one person.

15. It Feels Like Nothing Else

You might have been in love in some of your other relationships, but not like this. Every moment you spend with this person feels totally different than any other romance you've had. It's instinctual, a gut feeling. Sometimes, you just know.


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