15 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Fancies Her Best Guy Friend

The age-old question is "can guys and girls really ever just be friends?" Sometimes they can, when there's genuinely zero attraction on either side. But what about when there is? What about when a friend you've had for years suddenly starts to look a little different to you? They start to feature regularly in your daydreams, and you begin to wonder what it might be like to jump them. Stop right there sista. If any of the following thoughts sound familiar to you, then you've got it bad my friend.

1. I Don't Really Like Him, We Just Get On Well

2. Am I Even Really Attracted To Him? Nahhh

3. I Wonder Is He Still Texting That Girl Sarah...


4. She's Such A Dumb B*tch Anyway

5. Am I Prettier Than Sarah?

6. I'll Ask The Girls


7. But I Don't Want Them To Think I Actually Fancy [Insert Friend's Name]

8. I Get Weirdly Nervous Around Him Now, FFS

9. "Oh He's Coming To The Cinema Too?" *Changes Outfit And Puts On More Make Up*



10. Fuck me sideways, Why Is His Face Kinda Handsome?

11. And Why Do I Want To Lick It?


12. Okay He's Sat Next To Me, Does That Mean He Likes Me??

13. But If He Does, Would That Totally Ruin Our Friendship?

14. But He Is An Absolute Babe, So Who Cares?! This Could Be Something Real


15. Oh God, Wanting To Bang Your Friend Really Fucking Sucks


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Credit: AskKimberly. 

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