16 Of The Weirdest Dating Sites You Didn't Know Existed

Haven't met the love of your life on Tinder....well, what were you expecting? But listen, there are a lot of other platforms out there that allow you to meet people. Maybe you have specific qualifications or qualities you want from a partner, and you need your dating site to only give you matches that meet your needs. For example, maybe it's an absolute necessity that your significant other loves bacon. Yes, I said bacon, and yes, there's an app for that. Step into the weird and wonderful world of online dating...

1. Zombie Passions

Are you a big Walking Dead fan and in need of a partner who's the same way? You're not alone.

2. Furry Mate

If you like to dress like an animal and be involved with someone who likes to dress like an animal, Furry Mate is your home base. They claim to be the only site promoting this sort of relationship - I thought everyone liked puppy love!

3. Sea Captain Date


Why date the pirate when you can date the captain? If you have this very specific profession in mind for your husband, a match is waiting to be made.

4. Daily Diapers

This is a community of people who enjoy wearing diapers and have fetishes with acting infantile though adults. It is not to be confused with pedophilia...but be careful...the site is explicit.

5. Hot Sauce Passions

Imagine this...you and another from a dating site hit it off and get married, but your partner doesn't understand your love of hot sauce and doesn't buy a new bottle when the old one runs out! The horror! Date only someone who GETS hot sauce.


6. Amish Dating

I didn't know they were allowed to use apps...?

7. Dead Meet

Are you a mortician or funeral director? Are singles on other sites too concerned about life when all you think about is death? Here is your dating site for those that work in the industry of corpses and bones.




8. 420 Singles

Do you like to blaze on 4/20...and many other days of the year? Look no further for someone to spend your next high with.


9. Herpes Fish


To be quite honest, I like this one. It allows singles with herpes to get together, so they don't have to date someone who might reject them for their STD status. Over 650,000 singles use the site!

10. Miss Travel

On Miss Travel, a woman can express a desire to travel somewhere while lamenting she doesn't have the money...and a man can offer to date her/pay travel expenses/travel with her? I've never heard of anything safer. Top destinations include Las Vegas, Bali Indonesia, and London.

11. Naturist Passion

Nudists looking to date nudists? Get ready to be naked...A LOT.


12. Women Behind Bars

Some guys like dating women who are confident, bold, adventurous. A woman in prison would meet all of those qualifications, right? Hopefully you've got the patience to wait until she gets out...

13. Find Your Face Mate

This website uses technology to find you potential partners with similar faces, citing psychology saying that familiar features make us feel more comfortable...you know, like the way you're comfortable around siblings.


14. 7 Or Better

The dating site "where size does matter" because apparently women take rulers to the bedroom and well-endowed men are having trouble finding women who can handle them.

15. Sister Wives

Looking to date a man...and his wife? Here's your favourite site for polygamy dating.



This is a dating app for bacon lovers. Plain and simple. I love bacon, you love bacon...we should date? At the same time, who am I to judge? I do love hot turkey bacon fresh from the skillet - oh, but maybe I need to find a turkey bacon dating site then.


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