16 Reasons Every Girl Wants To Grow Old With Her Best Friend

Guys come and go, but best friends are forever. Who needs a husband? Your best mate is there for you now, and she will be there for you well into the future. Here are 16 Reasons you want to grow old with her.

1. You are your weirdest self with them.

Since you feel free to say and do whatever you want in their company, you are your weirdest self with them. And we think that's a great thing. Normal is boring.

2. That includes making jokes in the most inappropriate situations.


You can always count on your best mate to make you giggle in the worst situations. They have absolutely no filter with you - just like you with them. You need this in your life, because you have to be a bit silly in order to live happily.


3. If anyone is too serious or pretentious you need your best friend with you.


There are times when being serious is called for, but every single day is unnecessary. It just brings you down, and you need your best mate with you to make serious situations seem more light-hearted.

4. There's literally no conversation that is off limits.


You can talk about anything, and I mean anything. The kind of conversations that if people heard you, they would think you guys were psychos. She knows the details of every sexual encounter you've ever had and you don't even care.


5. You have no shame when it comes to making fools of yourselves in public.

Your best friend is usually the audience for all your crazy accents and impersonations, bad jokes and "look at me I'm Beyoncé's long lost twin,” dance moves. It really doesn't matter to her if you embarrass yourselves, she'll usually join in. "We are the Knowles' triplets."

6. There really is never a dull day when you're together.


Put the two of you together, and it's a whole bunch of crazy that's actually amazing and most likely wine-fuelled.


7. You literally have the best time ever just staying in.


A lot of people need to go and do activities to keep themselves entertained - not you and your best friend. Give us ice-cream, random youtube videos of goats stuck in trees, pizza, and wine and we're sorted for the night.

8. You bond over your extremely low tolerance of stupid people.

No explanation needed, your best mate just gets you boo.


9. You are both always prepared to lie for each other at social gatherings.


If your bestie is stuck talking to a boy she doesn't wanna be talking to, you're ready with a "Hey sorry to interrupt, but I seriously need you in the bathroom right now."

10. You give each other COMPLETELY honest advice (sometimes considered harsh.)


Friend: "He loves you, so what if you’re not official, he’s just in a very difficult time in his life."



Best Friend: "No. Look at his actions. He’s not making it official because he doesn’t want to commit to you and be responsible for your feelings, he’s using you. Dump him."

11. When someone says "promise not to tell anyone?" your best friend is obviously excluded.


You seriously think I'm not going to tell her? Please, you knew what this was when you told me. You must be loco crazy.


12. You argue, but you can't stay mad at each other.

Because something extra juicy just happened and no one will understand but her.


13. You don’t hold back just to keep the peace.

You won’t tiptoe around each other because you're afraid to say something that one of you won’t want to hear. Instead, you'll risk a fight in order to tell each other what you need to hear.

14. Sometimes, you’re such weirdos that you both have to stop and laugh at how crazy you are.

Also how ridiculous any outsiders would probably think you’re being. Of course, since you're with your bestie, that just makes it even funnier.


15. You have the most ridiculous nicknames for each other, and you literally talk in inside jokes.


If someone read your private messages they would think you're both legit crazy, perverted, and probably should be locked up too. This is all included in best friendship.

16. Being single at the same time is fucking amazing.


Because you and your best friend act more like a couple than 90 percent of couples do. And you're better at it than most couples. Boom.

Áine O'Donnell
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