16 Things Every Antisocial Couple Understands

Ewwww the outside, other people... Can't we just continue our Netflix series binge?


1.  You rarely make plans after work.

2. You decline most facebook invites. They just encroach on your quality time together.

3. You guys laugh way too much together - other people just aren't as fun.


4. You two are up to date on every awesome series in the world.

5. Food is the third person in the relationship.

6. Couples that are proud of the fact that they don't have a TV confuse you.


7. Other people just don't understand how perfectly you fit together on the couch.

8. When you do walk to the shop to stock up on snacks, it's like a big adventure.

9. You find couples that go out all the time a bit strange.


10. If you go out, you could have an amazing time, a bad time or an okay time.... If you stay in, you will definitely have an above average time with each other which is good enough maths for me.

11. You can have four take outs with wine for the price of a meal for two in the outside world.


12. It's a struggle to justify going on a holiday.

13. Being a hermit also involves being unashamedly clingy with each other.

14. When you can't avoid having a night out in the outside world, you feel like you've been wrenched out of your comfort zone into the wilderness.

15. The relief of being reunited with your fellow hermit is the best feeling in the world... It's like: ''Let's stay on the couch together and NEVER LEAVE''

16. Oh my god.... Something has just dawned on me... Am I in an antisocial relationship?

*Clicks on Continue Playing*

Aoife Connolly
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