Random Suprises & Dinner Dates: 16 Things A Guy Does If He's Serious About You

Guys are tough cookies to understand. They're so into the whole "not showing any emotion" thing. Little shits. With this list you'll be able to figure out the complicated mind of a male so when you know, you know, you know?

1) He wants to make plans with you.

Instead of the roundabout conversation of, "what you want to do?", "I don't mind" he actually uses his balls and makes plans. He decides when and where (not the super controlled type, no.) and goes for it. No beating around the bush.

2) He won't stop texting/snapchatting.

24/7. He treats you like a best friend, 2am convos aren't off limits.

3) He's not one of these "nothin' much, wby?" guys.

He actually holds the conversation instead of trying to get blood from a stone like every other guy. He talks and talks and talks and it can be difficult to get him to shut up because he's comfortable around you and telling you all sorts of things.

4) He invites you places.

I'm not talking about his sisters wedding or anything, that's a bit hardcore. But a friend's birthday or family party.

5) He gets you little surprises.

He's picked up on the things you like and will get you your favourite packet of crisps on the way to yours. If he brings you your favourite chocolate on your period he's a keeper because, A) he remembers your favourite chocolate and B) he actually wants to be near you when you're bleeding out of your va-jay-jay.

6) He calls.

Some things can't be talked through over the phone and he has the guts to actually call instead of having convoluted conversations that are getting you nowhere through text.

7) He tags you in things.

Even just an article he saw about your favourite band.

8) He'll make sure you're not left out around his friends.

He goes out of his way on a night out to make sure you're okay and not being left out.

9) You argue.

Nothing serious but about which superhero would win or which TV show is better, the UK or US Office. He cares about your opinion on things and he wants to get your approval.

10) He tells you some deep shit.

He tells you what makes him tick, what he wants to do in life, what he dreams about, what celebrities he would fangirl over. He wants you to know what he wants and what he thinks.

11) He takes you to places other than da club.

In other words, he takes you to places he can actually see your face and hear you. He wants to be able to socialise with you.

12) He takes pictures with you.

Pictures together are a promising sign. Even though you can delete pictures off your phone, once they're on Facebook, it's harder to delete them without anyone noticing. Selfies or *gasp* a photo of the two of you that isn't a selfie.

13) He actually keeps eye contact.

Sometimes it can be awkward at the start of a relationship to make eye contact so if it feels like he's looking into your soul, don't be freaked out. It means he's past awkward. It's a good thing, trust me.

14) He makes sure you get home safe.

He's like a mother hen, he'll walk you to the bus stop and wait there until the bus arrives and wave goodbye. He'll put you into a taxi after being out. And he'll always get you to text him when you're home, in bed. Concern is sweet and important.

15) He's not interested in anyone else.

His friends have told you, maybe he's told you himself, he's deleted his Tinder account and doesn't like anyone else'sĀ Instagram photos but yours. You are the only girl he wants to be around.

16) He likes the weird things you do.

He likes your quirks. He likes that you eat Nutella straight from the jar and will put up with you not shaving your legs for weeks. True love right there.

Laura Kelly
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Laura is an open minded, positive thinker (who enjoys a good rant) with a love for all movies and Marvel. She is full of thoughts but is strictly only to be approached whenever a random conversation is desired. She is also deeply in love with Kristen Stewart.
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