17 Thoughts You Have When You Run Into Your Ex

After the break up you tell yourself that you're done, and assure yourself that your ex is out of your life forever and you will never have to deal with them again. I mean why wouldn't you? You're the one who got dumped, you don't live in the same area or run in the same circles, for all know you will never have to see their annoyingly perfect face again. It's all smooth sailing from here my friend, that is of course until you stupidly decide to take a bus into town for some shopping...

1)  "Is that Justine?"
2) "Oh shit, it is her, shit." 
3) "Maybe she won't see me and I'll be able to walk by undetected."
4) "Fuck she saw me."
5) "She's coming over, what am I supposed to do now?"
6) "I wonder how I look."
7) "Damn she looks good, and her eyebrows are on point."
8) "Do I shake her hand, or is that too formal?"
9) "If I hug her she might think I still have feelings for her."
10) "Quick! Tell her how great your life is now!"
11) "But don't be all braggy about it, be super casual."
12) "Should I say I miss her, because I really miss her..."
13)" I wonder if she's seeing someone else."
14) "Just nod passively, don't let her know you're hanging on every detail she conveys about her life."
15) "Abruptly end the conversation and tell her you have to go."
16) "Yeeeah, that'll teach her, bish."
17) "I still love you..."
Dafe Orugbo
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Dafe once went streaking in the middle of the day for the promise of a 4in1. He is in possession of a spectacular ass, and considers himself quite the suave "Motha-Fucka". He studies English and Law in Maynooth University, but rarely attends classes because he is; and I quote - "Too busy mackin them bishes". His love for appletini's is only outweighed by his love for appletini's. Be warned if you ever encounter Dafe in the real world, he will probably turn you to the darkside *whispers* black people...
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