18 Problems Only True Hopeless Romantics Experience

1. Wearing your heart on your sleeve sets you up for disappointment in the world of modern dating.

2. Dreaming about your wedding day has become a go-to fantasy, but only after you’ve fantasised about the ring first.

3. You're still waiting for chivalry to make a comeback.

4. Meeting someone new is the equivalent to meeting your potential soulmate. No stranger danger, here.

5. Being the only person who's ready to commit before 30 amongst a group of millennials is totally frustrating.

6. Everyone comes to you for relationship advice… because they know you’ll tell them the Hollywood version of what they want to hear.


7. “Oh, that person is extremely attractive. I could stare at them all day. Stalking their social media profiles about three years back should give me the fix I need…”

8. You become irrationally involved in the love lives of your favourite fictional characters.

9. It hurts your heart to know that other people find rom-coms and epic romance films completely cheesy and unbearable.

10. The sentimental side of you makes it difficult to hold back your tears in almost any situation. How do people not cry when they see a puppy?

11. When your friends give the dirty details on their latest hook-up, all you contribute is how that kiss at the end of your date made you feel.

12. You’d like to believe that people change and learn from their mistakes, but eventually you come to terms with the fact that realistically, you won’t be “the one” who fixes them.


 13. Comparing your latest flame to Mr. Darcy is inevitable. Or Mark Darcy. Either way, you hope for a version of the Colin Firth character.


14. You struggle between “loving yourself first” and finding true love before it’s considered “too late”.

15. Classic romance is SO difficult to come across these days. Instead of a dim-lit dinner and a single red rose, it’s all about Netflix & Chill.

16. When you actually do find someone who expresses a romantic gesture, it becomes a basis for comparison in future relationships.

17. With every person you date, you actively contemplate whether or not they’re “the one”. Most of the time, they usually are.

18. You’re that weirdo that loves Valentine’s Day even if you’re single. How can you ignore the hearts and candy, even if they’re not for you? Well because next year, they might just be.


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